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March 20, 2019. By  Hannah

“Elephant, e-le-phant, c’mon say elephant”


“Yes! Almost! Elephant.”

This went on for hours, me pointing out an animal in the book and my one-and-a-half-year old niece trying to repeat the names. 

By the end of our afternoon together, she learned a few new words all while having fun.

And just as easily and effortlessly as children learn to speak by imitating the grownups, you learn new marketing skills this way too.

We call it “The Mirror Method” 

The Mirror Method Revealed

The principle of the Mirror Method is simple: you find someone who’s doing a good job on marketing their product or service and you analyze every step of their funnel.

But time after time, when we gave this exercise to someone new on the marketing team, we noticed that it wasn’t that easy after all. That’s why I decided to walk you through an example of applying the Mirror Method on one of the funnels of a company I admire: MindValley

Let’s look at the different steps, tools and thinking process involved in the Mirror Method.

Who Should You Mirror?

The goal of the Mirror Method is to discover a new tactic, tool, method, system… that you can then apply to your own business.

But of course, you want to be sure you’re analyzing someone worth mirroring!

Which is why, I suggest you only mirror companies whom you know are making decent money. Those are the people who have their marketing funnel figured out.

Don’t mirror websites because you “like” what they are doing or how their site looks like unless you know they are making significantly more revenue than you are.

An easy Google search for company + revenue will probably give you some pointers.

Where Should You Start?

The homepage or a blog article is always a good start for the Mirror Method.

This means you’re looking at the content marketing of the company and start analyzing the funnel from there.

Another place to start can be social media and, more specifically, the ads you see on your social media profile.

Pro Tip: Did you know that Facebook now shows all the ads a certain company is running?


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