17 Creative DIY Engagement Gift Ideas

Crafting up your own engagement present is an excellent way to show the newly engaged pair how ecstatic you are for their future journey together. A DIY gift is the perfect opportunity to put together a thoughtful and completely personalized offering. Of course, the possibilities are endless. Here are seventeen different DIY engagement ideas to get you started!

Couples getting engaged is an exciting time for everyone! Whether it’s your best friend or a close family member, finding out someone you care about has been proposed to entices feelings of joy for all involved. In addition to shouting out your best wishes, why not give the bride and groom to be a nice gift?

1. Personalized Sharpie Mug

Give the newly engaged bride a personalized mug! As a gift that is both practical and functional, she can use this mug to store all her beverages. With endless possibilities for designs, a mug is a very creative, yet safe way to go. Something Turquoise shows you how to do this step by step.

2. Personalized Ceramic Dish

Speaking of functional (and personalized) gifts, check out this DIY tutorial by Burlap and Blue for an adorable ceramic platter. With simple steps and a beautiful outcome, your engaged friends are sure to love a customized dish with their future last name. 

3. Initial and Music Lyrics Photo

This is completely unique engagement gift idea! Many couples have a song that they feel represents their relationship. Why not create a portrait filled with the lyrics of that song? Overlapped with a monogrammed initial of their new last name, as shows DIY Kinda Girl, the couple is definitely going to feel the love overflowing from this custom gift!

4. Pink Himalayan Salt Bath Bombs

In the midst of engagement announcements, the bride is going to need some relaxation time! DIY bath bombs are an excellent solution. Using simple ingredients and different molds, you can create adorable little fizzies that are perfect for any bride-to-be. Rebooted Mum explains how to do it.

5. Wine Cork Heart

As a perfect gift for your wine-loving and newly engaged friend, this unique gift has a rustic look that go with any home décor. You could make it a totally personable gift by coloring the ends of the corks with the bride and groom’s wedding colors. You can find the tutorial at Home Talk.

6. Wine Bottle Fireflies

Give the gift of romance to the newly engaged couple with these DIY firefly wine bottles. Easily crafted with a few materials as shown by The Wannabe Homesteader, these beautiful jars create a romantic ambiance with a soft glow of light. What couple wouldn’t love to have these in their home?

7. DIY Picture Quilt

Here is another excellent gift for a couple you love! Create and share their love through pictures of them together. With added functionality as a snuggly blanket, this DIY is the perfect idea for an engagement gift. It's Always Autumn shows you how to do this.

8. Etched Beer Glass

Let’s not forget gifts for the groom! Etching beer glasses is a fun way to create a custom beer glass for the groom-to-be. Even if he doesn’t indulge in alcohol, he could use the glass for anything! It’s the perfect gift for your friend and Pet Scribbles gives you step by step instructions.

9. Floral Monogram

The bride-to-be will love a heartfelt floral arrangement in the shape of her new initial! This DIY gift idea by The Mrs and Momma Bird, uses a few materials, and in a short time, you’ve got a beautiful new addition for her home. Use her favorite flowers and wedding colors to make a gift that’s really something special. 

10. Bridal Survival Kit

A survival kit for the bride-to-be is such a great idea! As a very easy DIY gift idea, this kit gives the bride everything she’ll need to have an easier wedding day all bundled in a cute package. Wedding planning can be extremely difficult, so she’ll love some help during all the excitement. The Frugal Girls made a list of things to include.

11 Cookies in a Jar

Mason jars make the perfect container for everything – including cookie mix as shown by Bakerella. Give the bride-to-be something sweet to show her how much you care! With a few stacked ingredients, this loving gift gives her everything she’ll need to make some delicious cookies!

12. DIY Fancy Filled Chocolates

Speaking of sweet treats, prepare up a batch of these filled chocolates for the newly engaged couple following the instructions at Tip Hero. Not only are these little delicacies totally delicious, you can manipulate the ingredients to make your friends or family extremely happy. Chocolate is perfect for any occasion, but it’s especially magical for two people in love who are planning to spend their lives together!

13. Personalized Welcome Mat

For two people planning to spend their lives together, newly engaged couples welcome gifts that showcase them as one heart; welcome mats are the perfect solution. With only a few materials as demonstrated by The Sway, you can DIY an adorable engagement gift to show off their new shared name.

14. Prayer Box

This little prayer box by A Traveler's Dream, which is completely adorable, is made from an Altoid can and is an excellent idea for an engagement gift. Of course, you can customize the entire gift to fit your situation, but whatever the outcome happens to be is sure to show the bride how happy you are for her.

15. Vintage Teacup Candle

For an elegant and lovely engagement gift, check out these teacup candles by Riahnnon Bosse. Any newly engaged couple is going to LOVE these exquisite beauties. These candles are simple to assemble and guaranteed to blow the couple away!

16. Doily Dress Card

For a simple congratulation to the happy couple, whip up a card. The possibilities are endless with cards, but this paper doily dress by Paper Paws makes a card that is extra special.

17. Bridal Gift Basket

If all else fails, and you just can’t decide on the perfect DIY gift for your favorite couple, put together a gift basket. This particular gift idea is perfect as you can make any variations you desire. Regardless of what you fill your basket with, the bride and groom-to-be are going to love their gift basket. The Craft Patch Blog shows a shower themed basket.

16 DIY Mason Jar Cocktail Gifts to Thank the Host for a Fun Party

Throwing a party, even a small and intimate gathering is no small feat. It's always nice to show your host that you appreciate their effort. A great way to say thank you is to bring a small gift. There's always the traditional bottle of wine or flowers, but you can also get creative and put a DIY spin on it. Here are 19 great DIY Mason jar cocktail gifts that are a perfect way to express your appreciation and gratitude. Be sure to thank these crafty bloggers for their great tutorials!

1. Hot Chocolate for Grownups


Combine hot chocolate powder, marshmallows, and a small bottle of Bailey's for a tasty wintertime treat. Bailey’s Hot Cocoa Recipe + DIY Gift by Sunny Sweet Days shows you how to make this sweet gift for your sweet party host.

2. Moscow Mule

In this Mason Jar Cocktail Gifts – XL tutorial from Something Turquoise, she shows you how to use a bigger Mason jar to hold a larger mixer beverage.

3. Lime Salt for Margaritas

Homemade lime salt can make a good margarita a great margarita. This would make a particularly great gift for a Cinco de Mayo party. The Lime Salt for Cinco de Mayo tutorial from Shaken Together Life shows you how to mix salt, lime zest, and lime essential oil.

4. Manhattans

Premaking a batch of Manhattans makes a unique Mason jar cocktail gift. BuzzFeed shows you how to do it.

5. Cherry Pie Moonshine

If you didn't think moonshine could be classy, this Cherry Pie Moonshine tutorial from Sweet C's Designs might just change your mind. You can make a big batch to fill several Mason jars.

6. Candy Flavored Vodka

This Candy Flavored Vodka tutorial from Scary Mommy shows you how to combine candy and vodka for a colorful and delicious cocktail. Lemonheads, candy canes, and gummy bears are some of your options.

7. Seven + Seven

Seagram's Seven Crown Whiskey plus Seven Up makes a refreshing cocktail. Something Turquoise shows you that it's also a great looking gift.

8. Homemade Pear Liqueur

For a perfect Fall cocktail gift, check out this Homemade Pear Liqueur tutorial from Healthy Green Kitchen.

9. Homemade Kaluha

Coffee liqueur is a popular mixer that works well in a variety of drinks and even many desserts. Did you realize you could make homemade Kaluha? It's a fun DIY touch your host might appreciate. Paula Jones from bell'alimentoshows you how.

10. DIY Bailey's Irish Cream

Bailey's Irish Cream is another favorite drink mixer that you may not know you can make at home. This Irish Cream recipe from Today's Creative Life walks you through it. Kim uses a different kind of jar, but a Mason jar would also work.

11. Infused Vodka and Bloody Mary Mix

This Bloody Mary Kit with Spicy Bloody Mary Mix and Herb Infused Vodka by HeatherOMade is a little bit more involved than some of these other cocktails, but the effort pays off. 

12. Mulled Wine

Food and the City shows you how to make Easy Mulled Wine, a festive Winter classic.

13. Brandied Cherries

BuzzFeed shows you how to make brandied cherries. The images in the tutorial also show how a beautiful tag can make a big difference.

14. Homemade Egg Nog

Alton Brown knows a thing or two about making tasty food and drink. His homemade egg nog recipe is no exception. He recommends letting it age a bit in the Mason jar before enjoying or gifting.

15. Hot Buttered Rum

Hot Buttered Rum is a drink that is best enjoyed warm, making it perfect for cold winter evenings by the fire. Today's Creative Life shows you how to make this thoughtful gift.

16. Tequila Blackberry Lemonade

Check out Real House Moms for this refreshing summertime cocktail. The flavors are great and the look is beautiful.

23 DIY Wedding Gifts That Look Like You Broke the Bank

That special couple’s wedding invitation has just arrived, and you’re thrilled at the prospect of being a part of their momentous day. You want to give them something really great, but the cost of travel may not leave you much to spare in the gift-giving department. Don’t despair! With a little effort you can create something personal and memorable that will delight your recipients and be so much more meaningful.

These DIY projects show you how a few basic supplies and tools can be used to make stylish and functional gifts that only look like they’re expensive. If you have the time and energy, why not combine several of these ideas into one very special gift?

1. Jute Wrapped Monogram Wreath

A charming way for the newlyweds to personalize their home! With just a few supplies from the craft store, you can put together this simple and stylish monogram wreath. See how it all comes together at Two Twenty-One .

2. Asian Inspired Coasters

Everyone can use a nice set of coasters and these look all the more professional with their lacquer-like surface. The look is achieved with paper, wood rounds, glue, and an all-in-one glue, sealer, and finish. Using coordinated papers with varied patterns makes these coasters a darling set. Check out the tutorial at Thirsty for Tea.

3. Personalized Wood Cutting Board

Lil Blue Boo shows you how a pre-cut wood paddle, stencils, and a wood burning tool are all it takes to make this clever, monogrammed cutting board which is cute enough to use for entertaining.

4. Wooden Clip Frames

Not only is this cottage chic frame is a practical and thoughtful gift, it’s a great way for a couple starting a new life together to display milestone moments and loved ones. Another great feature is that the photos are easy to change. Shanty 2 Chic has all the instructions to put together your own special gift.

5. Wood Box Centerpiece

This versatile, handmade centerpiece can add a special homey touch to the dining room table for entertaining or up the romance factor for an intimate dinner for two. Love Grows Wild shows you how to put it together and create a unique finish.

6. Personalized Silhouette Magnets

Nothing could be more personalized than handmade silhouettes of the happy couple! When they’re made into refrigerator magnets they become functional and easy to display. Check out the tutorial at Sugar and Charm.

7. Chalkboard Wine Glasses

What couple can’t use a set of wine glasses when entertaining. Always Order Dessert’s project offers a clever way for guests to keep track of their glasses with chalkboard-painted stems.

8. Sharpie Patterned Plates

How about a set of trendy, funky plates? All it takes to add a special decorative touch to plain store-bought plates is a Sharpie and an oven! Find the tutorial at Always wear your invisible crown.

9. Wine Shot Glasses

Here’s another great idea for entertaining – a set of wine and shot glasses all-in-one! Hardware glue or epoxy turns store-bought glasses into a multifunctional set for party fun. Find inspiration at Brit + Co.

10. Song Lyric Wall Art

If you know the couple’s favorite song, take a special phrase and turn it into meaningful wall art. A Beautiful Mess shows how to take an old painting, letter stencils, and paint to make something really special.

11. Light Bulb Vases

If you’re really looking to give something unique, clever and creative, then you definitely want to see Merry the Thought’s tutorial on how to make these vases with light bulbs, wire, and a few simple tools.

12. Jello Shot Kit

Want to give something fun? Gather the ingredients and tools to make sophisticated Jello shots, tuck in the recipe found at Miss Renaissance, wrap in a gift basket, and voila! You’ll have a one-of-a-kind gift.

13. Framed Map Hearts

These sweet little framed map hearts can commemorate the couple’s special cities. So simple but personal! See the tutorial at China Village.

14. Ombre Candles

Gather several unique glass jars or vases to create a set of ombre candles in any color you choose. These at DIY Network are cleverly colored with different amounts of crayon.

15. Woven Cork Tray


Upcycle a basic wooden tray into something trendy and functional with strips of cork and hot glue. Check out Design Sponge to see how.

16. Wood Burned Cooking Utensils

Every new household needs a properly outfitted kitchen. With a wood burning tool and a set of wooden utensils, you can create something thoughtful, personal and functional. Cherished Bliss shows how easy this project is.

17. Beeswax Candles

See how to make classic beeswax candles at Oh Happy Day. Nothing could be simpler to make or more unique!

18. Matching Leather Charm Bracelets

Panda Hall shows you how to take a handful of supplies from the jewelry-making section of your local craft store to create his and hers bracelets personalized by pendants.

19. His and Hers Stenciled Throw Pillows

Help your special couple feather their nest with “his and hers” throw pillows made by you! A little fabric paint and homemade freezer paper stencils do the trick. DIY Network’s tutorial is clear and easy to follow.

20. Ring Dishes

Polymer clay makes crafting unique gifts easy. Shape it into ring dishes and decorate. Hello Glow’s instructions show you how.

21. Personalized Serving Tray

Serving trays are extremely handy and useful when toting food and dining accessories to the table. See how to take a simple wooden tray and make it special at That’s My Letter.

22. Wood Sign


Reusable alphabet stencils, paint and box sign are all that were needed to create this sweet sign at The Wood Connection.

23. Money Origami

If you’re short on time or not quite sure of the bride and groom’s taste, money is always a welcome gift. Why not make it extra special with some artistic flair? Check out the tutorial at Home Made Gifts Made Easy. Scroll through all the ideas to see how the origami idea can be adapted for all occasions!